4 Common End-of-Winter Plumbing Issues - What to Know

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Living in an area that experiences four seasons is amazing, but it’s not always a good experience for everyone. For one, the end of winter signals a few adjustments that need to be done, including some repairs in your plumbing system. This is because it is during this season when plumbing systems tend to get a bit messy, especially if you didn’t prepare beforehand.

If you want to avoid these problems, here are tips to the four common end-of-winter plumbing issues and how you can avoid them:

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1. Sump Pump Not Working

Your sump pump, which is located in your basement, may not have been used recently, meaning that it may have been inactive for quite some time. During the spring, it’s crucial to check whether or not it’s still working properly. Keep in mind that sump pumps are responsible for taking out excess water from the basement to prevent flooding during the rainy season and inclement weather.

When your neighbourhood gets a huge amount of snow during the winter, and it begins to melt, the ground becomes saturated, and the water will make its way to the basement. The same situation happens with heavy rains.

Imagine if all of this water reaches your basement, and your sump pump isn’t working well––it’ll be a disaster! When you want to check if it’s working correctly, pour water into the crock and check if the pump gets activated. If not, have a plumber take care of it immediately!

2. Clogged Drains

Naturally, during the winter season, you and your family spend most of your time indoors, meaning that you use water more. This extra usage, combined with the weather, may lead to clogged pipes and drains. Avoid this by getting an annual drain cleaning before the winter season comes. It’s also a great idea to clean your gutters regularly and clear the yard of debris to prevent major plumbing issues.

3. Water Heater Failure

Getting into the shower with no hot water isn’t something you want to happen, especially in the middle of winter! Naturally, the winter season calls for extra water heater usage, and it’s actually not uncommon for the heater to break down when it’s not maintained properly. It can also break down at the end of winter because it’s been working extra hard throughout this period.

You can avoid this from happening by getting your heater assessed by a professional before winter arrives. A plumber will check for faulty parts and clean out sediment and minerals from the bottom of the device to ensure that it will work optimally, even amid high demand.

4. Poor Heating

Aside from your water heater, your furnace will also be working extra hard during the colder months, which will inevitably put it under strain when it’s not maintained properly. Because of this, it’s not unusual for your HVAC system to break down after the winter. Regardless of the issue, it will still cost you lots of money in repairs or even replacements. This is why you must get your HVAC system checked regularly so that it provides your home with sufficient heat and prevents the device from breaking down by the end of winter.


Winter is fast approaching, and aside from running errands and preparing your home for the upcoming holidays, don’t forget to check your plumbing system as well. You don’t want to deal with any problems in the middle of winter with your plumbing, right? For this reason, be sure to focus on the four issues mentioned above and have a professional assess them early on!

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