4 Signs Its Time to Call the Plumber - What to Know

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One of the most common causes of damage to a home is plumbing leaks. These issues often go undetected since the plumbing work hides within the walls and floors of your house. We usually only notice plumbing issues when leaks arise, or water pressure drops significantly.

It can be tempting to want to fix water problems on your own, but hiring a professional is the only way you can ensure the issues are resolved at the source. Attempting to do the repairs yourself may result in bigger plumbing issues, or you may make the problem worse. If you want to know when it’s time to call a professional plumbing service, here are several signs you should watch out for:

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1. Your toilet is leaking

Your toilet hardware is prone to leaks since the pipes can clog with waste and debris. It is an immovable fixture, so it is one of the trickier things to repair. You can attempt to de-clog it yourself, but anything that the plunger won’t pull out will probably need professional attention. Undoubtedly, de-clogging toilets is a stinky task, so it would be better to leave the work to the experts to avoid messy encounters.

2. You have an unexplained spike in your water bill

Many leaks aren’t immediately evident. Leaks can hide in the basement, flooring, or behind cabinet corners and appliances. You should be concerned if you notice an unusual increase in your water bill, even without extraordinary changes to your living arrangements. Unless you had guests stay over or hosted large gatherings, an uptick in your account is a sign that it is time to call your local plumber. They can conduct a thorough inspection using specialized equipment to find the source and plug it.

3. You have little to no water pressure

The reverse of a leak is the lack of water properly flowing through your piping. Unfortunately, significant damage to a pipe could be diverting water away from the right channels, leading to water pressure loss. Low pressure could also indicate issues with your water heater, in which case, calling an emergency plumber would be the prudent thing to do.

4. You notice wet patches on your floors

A sure sign of a significant leak is when you notice warped floors, bulging walls, or you find mould and mildew growing on your cabinetry. When your interiors are becoming disfigured, it can mean the leak has been carrying on for some time, and it has had enough time to seep into the panels of wood. Mould can be particularly alarming as it can mean sections were soaked long enough to encourage bacteria’s growth, which can happen over several weeks.

When you choose to repair yourself, you might only address a small issue when there may be a bigger, underlying problem. A band-aid solution might buy you a little bit of time, but the damage could potentially cost more than if you were to hire a professional plumber in the first place. Don’t gamble with your plumbing work and get the job done right the first time. Call a trusted plumber and nip the issue in the bud before it’s too late.

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