5 Common Plumbing Emergencies and How to Address Them

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Plumbing ensures safe water delivery within your house and boosts your comfort level and quality of life. It is an essential part of your everyday life, and understandably, the system is prone to wear and tear. In some cases, plumbing emergencies are inevitable, but you can easily address these issues when you understand what to do when they happen. Learn more about the most common plumbing emergencies and how to address them by following this guide.

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1. A clogged toilet or drain

Unclog your toilet or sink drain with a chemical drain opener, a plunger, or a snake. If this does not work, it indicates a more complicated plumbing problem caused by various reasons, such as random items, grease, or hair stuck in your toilet, garbage disposer, or lines.

Seek help from professional plumbers for top-notch plumbing repair in case clogging happens frequently. They are more than capable of addressing all kinds of plumbing problems and keeping your drains and toilets in tip-top condition.

2. An overflowing toilet

As soon as you notice that you have an overflowing toilet or faulty plumbing, locate your water valve near your toilet tank and shut it off by turning it counterclockwise. Afterward, turn on all your sink faucets to drain the water from the pipes and remove excess water using rags, paper towels, or a map. Doing these minimizes damage and lessens the risk of having further problems.

Finally, seek assistance from reputable plumbers who specialize in emergency plumbing service. Ask about the tasks you can take while waiting to keep the water damage to a minimum.

3. A defective sump pump

Your sump pump can encounter problems due to old age, clogged switches and pump, no water in the pit, and more. A faulty sump pump could cause flooding in your basement, especially if it rains heavily. It is best to reach out to a skilled plumber as soon as you find that your sump pump fails to work correctly or stops working altogether.

4. Frozen water pipes

If you reside in a place with colder climates, you may experience having frozen water pipes. It occurs when your water pipes under your crawl space or basement are vulnerable to the cold. Failing to repair them could cause serious leaking or, worse, bursting. To unfreeze your water pipes, use a hairdryer, a heat lamp, or a space heater to thaw the frozen parts. You can always get in touch with a plumbing company if your plumbing problem worsens.

5. A malfunctioning water heater

Your water heater allows you to enjoy a warm, relaxing bath. When this essential equipment malfunctions, this could be a big problem. Fortunately, you can first address this issue by shutting your unit off immediately. Book emergency services from a licensed plumber to fix your malfunctioning water heater right away.


Your plumbing system plays a vital role in your safety and comfort, so keeping it in tip-top shape should always be your priority. In case you experience any of the emergency plumbing problems mentioned above, don’t hesitate to call a plumber as soon as possible.

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