5 Tips to Keep Your Furnace Free From Carbon Monoxide Leaks

carbon monoxide detector

While you should maintain your furnace throughout the year to ensure maximum efficiency, no season is doing so more critical than winter. When the cold hits, the chances are that your furnace will be working hard to keep your home warm. This means that if there are any problems the furnace may be dealing with, it will grow into a significant issue that can and will affect its operation.

Having said that, one of the most dangerous problems your furnace can face is carbon monoxide (CO) leaks. This colourless, odourless gas can seriously hurt your health and, in severe cases, be fatal. To make sure your furnace does not run into this problem, here are the things you must do before the winter season hits.

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1. Install CO detectors

CO detectors detect carbon monoxide within its vicinity. This is a vital device to install near your furnace because CO has no smell, taste, and colour, making it virtually invisible to our senses. By installing these detectors, you can be immediately notified of any CO leaks, allowing you to take the necessary action and fix the issue.

2. Keep the vents clear

Your furnace has vents leading out of the house to release CO away from your home. Any blockages or obstructions there will mean that CO will not escape your home and instead leak into your house. Remember to take the time to inspect the vents whenever possible, and clear them of any obstructions, if you find any.

3. Replace the air filters often

Your heating system can run into issues that will cause CO to seep into your home. One such issue is when the air filters become too full, meaning that air cannot pass through. This causes a backup of CO, which will then leak back into the home. For that reason, make sure the filters are cleaned and replaced often to allow for smooth airflow.

4. Schedule regular maintenance

Regular maintenance will solve many of the problems that can cause CO leaks. That is because, with an expert’s help, you can identify potential issues and solve them immediately. The expert can also do preventive maintenance, such as cleaning and inspection, to ensure there are no hidden problems in the system.

5. Be aware of CO poisoning symptoms

Sometimes, CO leaks happen despite your best efforts. When that happens, you will start to breathe in CO and soon display symptoms similar to that of the flu. Symptoms include chest pain, dizziness, confusion, fatigue, and more. You must be aware of these symptoms, as they are warning signs that there may be something wrong with the furnace.


By being prepared for the winter and fixing your furnace to prevent CO leaks, you can sit back and enjoy the warmth of your home without fear of CO poisoning.

If you do not have time to fix your furnace, we highly recommend hiring a professional for maintenance, at least during the fall season. In doing so, any potential problems may be addressed before the furnace fires up for the winter and works overtime to keep your home warm and comfortable.

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