6 Tips to Prepare Your Plumbing for the Cold Season - Our Guide

Not all households have to deal with chilly winters that cover every surface with snow, but those that do will understand all the trouble this time of year can bring. For example, those that are unprepared may be forced to travel on icy roads at sub-zero temperatures to purchase wood for their fireplace—a problem that is easily avoidable with some careful preparation.

That said, one of the things that a homeowner needs to prepare relates to their plumbing. This ensures that the plumbing continues to work and is not at risk of damage due to the extreme cold.

If you are wondering how you can prepare your plumbing for the winter season, here are the things you need to do:

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1. Clean the heater

During the winter, your heater will have to work harder to provide you with hot water. For this reason, it must undergo maintenance before the snow starts to fall. Things you can do include flushing all the water out and clearing any build-up of sediments that can damage the heater. Another thing you can do includes testing the water heater’s pressure relief valve.

However, the best way to maintain your heater is with the help of an expert plumber. Be sure to hire one to do a check on your heater for any repairs and maintenance needs.

2. Drain external pipes

If you have any pipes leading to the outside, look for the external pipe’s main shutoff valve and close it. After that, drain the pipes completely. This ensures that no water inside the pipe is left to freeze.

3. Disconnect any external hoses

Like the previous tip, external hoses connected to exterior fixtures stand the risk of damage due to ice formation. Be sure to disconnect every external hose and drain them thoroughly.

4. Ensure nothing is leaking

None of your pipes should leak. If any of them are, it can cause the cold to penetrate the pipe faster, causing further damage. If you discover a leak, be sure to have it fixed by a professional plumber right away.

5. Insulate faucets and pipes

Any faucets and pipes in areas that are not heated can freeze up, even inside your home. To ensure there is no chance of ice cracking the pipes, insulate them thoroughly. You can use items like heat tape, heat cables, or Styrofoam insulation kits for this.

6. Clean the sump pump

A sump pump’s job is to ensure your basement does not flood whenever there’s heavy rain. Unfortunately, the cold can freeze any water in the sump pumps, causing it to stop working. If you have a sump pump installed, make sure to clean it thoroughly.


By observing all the previously mentioned tips, you give your plumbing the best chances of surviving the winter. Note that this is assuming you are staying at home throughout the cold season.

If you are leaving to go somewhere else, you will need to drain the entire system. You can do this by shutting off the main water valve and draining all the water from the lowest and highest points in your home. Doing so will ensure there is no chance of any water in the home freezing, causing a considerable mess and damaging the pipes and its surroundings.

That being said, remember to contact a professional if you need extra help. They will show you what you must do to ensure your plumbing stays perfectly safe throughout the winter.

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