Kelowna Plumbing Maintenance Checklist: What to Do Every Year

The plumbing system in your house is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when it comes to home maintenance. Ignoring routine plumbing maintenance can result in costly issues later on, including leaks, clogs, and even water damage. Fortunately, by following a plumbing maintenance checklist, you can avoid these problems with a little bit of work. We’ll go over everything you should do each year to maintain the top condition of your Kelowna plumbing system in this article.

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Plumbing Maintenance Checklist Kelowna


It’s important to maintain the plumbing because it’s an integral component of any property. You may avoid major problems, save money, and increase the longevity of your plumbing system by adhering to a maintenance checklist.

Schedule a Professional Inspection

Setting up an inspection by an expert should be one of your first steps in plumbing system maintenance. Any possible problems can be found and fixed by a skilled plumber before they worsen. If your plumbing system is old or you recently bought a new house, this is especially crucial.

Check for Leaks

Leaks not only increase your water cost but can seriously harm your house. You should routinely inspect your pipes and faucets for any signs of deterioration to prevent leaks. It’s crucial to take care of any leaks as soon as you find them.

Test Your Water Pressure

A plumbing problem that is more significant may be indicated by low water pressure. You can use a pressure gauge or get in touch with a plumber to check your water pressure. A clog, leak, or issue with your water main may be to blame for low water pressure.

Clean Your Drains

Hair, soap, and other debris can cause your drains to clog over time. You should frequently clear your drains to avoid obstructions. To unclog any obstructions, use a plunger or a drain snake. You might need to call a plumber if you have a more significant clog.

Check Your Water Heater

Maintaining your water heater is critical because it is a crucial component of your plumbing system. Draining your water heater annually will help you get rid of any debris formation. To make sure the temperature and pressure relief valve is functioning properly, you should also examine it.

Inspect Your Sewer Line

Waste must be transported from your home via your sewer system. Your sewer line’s condition could be the cause of major problems including backups and sewage leaks. You should have your sewer line inspected annually to avoid these issues.

Check Your Sump Pump

You most likely have a sump pump if you have a basement. Your basement’s protection against flooding is provided by this pump. You should test your sump pump annually to ensure it is functioning properly.

Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Your kitchen plumbing system includes your garbage disposal, which is crucial. Run cold water while using your disposal to prevent clogs and other problems, and stay away from flushing things like grease and fibrous foods down the drain.

Check Your Toilet

Toilets can develop leaks and clogs over time, which can lead to water damage and other issues. To prevent these problems, you should regularly check your toilet for any signs of damage or leaks.

Inspect Your Washing Machine Hoses

Over time, the hoses on your washing machine might deteriorate, which can cause leaks and other problems. You should frequently check your hoses and replace them every five years to avoid these issues.


You can keep your plumbing system in top condition and save money by adhering to our Kelowna plumbing maintenance checklist. Never forget to arrange for a professional inspection, check for leaks, test your water pressure, clean your drains, maintain your water heater, check your sewage line, check your sump pump, maintain your trash disposal, check your toilet, and check your washing machine hoses. You can make sure that your plumbing system runs efficiently for many years by making a small amount of effort.


At least once a year, you should have a professional inspect your plumbing system.

By regularly checking your pipes and faucets for any signs of damage and taking care of them as soon as possible, you may avoid leaks.

You can use a pressure gauge or call a plumber if you observe low water pressure to determine the cause and correct it.

Grease and food that is fibrous should not be put through your waste disposal.

To avoid leaks and other problems, you should replace the hoses on your washing machine every five years.