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Is your toilet leaking? Having trouble flushing? Get in touch with us today at (250) 707-8285 for all your plumbing needs! We repair most problems in the same day we come out.

Some common toilet problems we handle:

  • Leaking toilet tank
  • Water running constantly
  • Weak flush pressure
  • Broken, loose, or rusted flange bolts
  • Clogged toilets
  • Backed-up toilets
  • Toilet overflows
  • Leaks at the base

Emergency Toilet Repairs & Service Available

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Leaking or broken toilet components in your bathroom or business can be frustrating and potentially cause damage if left untreated. Your plumbing system is incredibly important to how your home functions.

If you suspect you might be having an issue with your toilet, don’t wait! Calling a professional is the best option in order to prevent the damage from becoming something a lot bigger and more costly for your home.

That’s where your local Okanagan plumbing specialist can help. We have the expertise and experience to determine the extent of repairs or plumbing maintenance needed—and we’re available 24/7.

Our Services Are Offered In:

Why Choose CE Plumbing For Your Plumbing Repairs?

Have an plumbing issues? Call the Experts Today for Same Day Service!

This is why you should always put your trust into CE Plumbing & Heating for any of your plumbing repair needs. We get it right the first time. Our team of licensed professionals will be able to diagnose your problem and quickly employ a solution that will have your plumbing back up and running in no time. We are available 24/7 for any of your needs, emergency or not! Call our team today!

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