Thumb That Plumb: Spotting and Fixing Common Plumbing Problems

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Daily plumbing problems aren’t just a nuisance—they may be warning signs of a more significant issue you can’t seem to spot. Especially for new homeowners, existing leaks and corrosion may not be easy to pinpoint. Being in-the-know about common plumbing problems can help you navigate the situation alongside your 24-hour plumber.

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Problem #1 - A Skyrocketing Water Bill

If you’ve been receiving a jaw-dropping water bill without the usage to back it, you may be neglecting a leaky pipe, toilet, or faucet. If you haven’t taken into consideration other factors such as the current season—summer is when water bills tend to upshoot—you might not be attending to the real fault behind your numbers.

Problem #2 - Strange Noises

If you’ve heard banging, gurgling, humming, whistling, and rattling in unfamiliar places, you may find yourself face-to-face with an unseen plumbing problem. Here’s what they might indicate:

  • Banging – water pressure problems caused by water hammers or air bubbles
  • Humming – higher water pressure
  • Gurgling – blocked pipes and drainage
  • Whistling – ageing components
  • Rattling – hidden piping problems

Though some pressure problems can be easily satisfied with the turn of a knob or wrench, other more pressing issues may require the expertise of a commercial HVAC repair.

Problem #3 - Slowing Drains

If you find that your trusted plunger is no longer loosening blockages in your drains, your utilities may be collecting dirt, hair, and debris that are tricky to remove. When disposing of materials such as oil or excess water, use a filter and refrain from tossing oil directly into your sink.

Problem #4 - Pipe Corrosion

Corrosion is usually easy to spot. It causes—not so much. If there is too much oxygen in your water or its pH levels are consistently low, it may destroy the protective layer around your pipes. If possible, switch out your copper piping and take note of any leaks.

Problem #5 - Low Water Pressure

If your tap is spouting droplets instead of a regular stream of water, your water pressure may be too low. Run every tap to determine whether you’re experiencing the same problem across your entire household. If your faucet is only experiencing problems with hot water, you may be looking at a water heater issue—not a piping one.

You can alleviate the problem by soaking your tap’s aerator in vinegar and water overnight. If a simple soak doesn’t do the trick, you may need to purchase a new aerator.

Problem # 6 - Dripping Faucets

On the other end of the spectrum, a dripping faucet might indicate a damaged washer suffering from the natural course of wear and tear. Washers are prone to dislodging and cracks because of their silicone and rubber materials. Generally, you’ll want to replace them regularly to keep your taps running smoothly.

Problem #7 - Leaky Piping

An expensive plumbing issue that usually calls for a replacement, leaking pipes can cause corrosion, changes in water pressure, and even ruptures. If you spot puddles and dampness in places where your piping would be, contact a Kelowna plumber immediately.

Problem #8 - Growing Mould

Mould is an easy perpetrator to spot. If your plumbing is collecting excess moisture, mould will appear in the form of brown and green spots. When not properly treated, mould can cause respiratory issues for household members and even result in long-term lung damage.

Problem #9 - Foul Odours

Smelly is never a good sign. A nasty odour is usually the result of food buildup that gets trapped in drains. An easy fix, you can break down these particles using bleach and hot water.

Problem #10 - A Running Toilet

As irritating as a dripping tap, a running toilet might indicate a need for inner part replacements. This issue may involve your flapper valve, which is what allows water to pass from the tank to the bowl.


By investing enough time into regular plumbing inspections, you reduce the risk of having to shell out for costly repairs and replacements. Plumbing problems aren’t always easy to spot, however, so you’ll want to do thorough research if you notice something that seems “off.”

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