What to Look for When Evaluating Your HVAC System's Health


Fall is the best season to give your home a thorough look. This includes checking for damages from summer and making your preparations for winter. Beyond the windows, drainpipes, and insulation, your HVAC system is what you should put your focus on the most.

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How to check your HVAC system's health

Since temperature conditions are relatively warm, you won’t have to use your AC unit as much in the early weeks of autumn. It’s the perfect time to look for any potential wear and tear that your unit has, especially if it’s nearing its 10-15-year life expectancy. Spotting out any issues now will prevent you from encountering issues when you need your heating the most come wintertime.

If you don’t know where to start, here are three areas you should check when evaluating your HVAC unit’s health:

1. Operating noises

More powerful HVAC systems generally emit loud sounds, mainly if it covers a large area. However, louder noise from your air conditioner than average could be a sign of severe damage. If you notice sudden bursts of clanging or banging from your unit, you may need to check for any damages to its ducts, condensers, or coils. Similarly, it may be time to replace your unit even if it already received repairs if general noise is an issue.

Ignoring these complications even if your HVAC systems are seemingly in working order can be a dangerous decision. Anything from broken condenser coils to freon leaks could be the culprit of your AC unit’s noises.

2. Cooling capacity

Test run your unit to see if your air conditioner is releasing the right level of output. If your rooms are taking too long to cool, it may be a sign of damage from overuse or old age. This is common for units past their prime or experienced wear and tear from overworking during summer seasons.

Besides slower drops in temperature, you should also check if your air conditioner is evenly cooling your home. If there are hot spots in some areas, it may be a sign of potential leaks and cracks in your ducts. Although it’s possible to remedy this by providing better insulation, it’s best to contact an HVAC technician to see if the complications can cause more significant damage to your systems.

3. Energy bills

Besides looking at your AC unit, you can also look at your energy bills to assess its condition. If your heating and cooling costs are much higher than in previous years, it’s a warning that your system may be using too much energy. It’s best to retire your unit to prevent expensive upkeep costs if it’s nearing past its life expectancy.

Generally, an AC unit that needs more than yearly maintenance visits from professionals is due for replacement. Keep your energy consumption in mind if you’re deciding whether you should repair or replace your current systems.


Many homeowners consider autumn as a buffer season to prepare their home for the harsh conditions of winter. It’s best to make use of the generally neutral weather so that you can double-check your home’s defences. Having a robust and healthy HVAC system will protect you from the elements of the coming season. Asking a local plumbing and heating service to check your home’s amenities is an excellent way to prevent any surprise complications in the near future.

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