What You Need To Know About Home Air Conditioners

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Can you imagine your home without an air conditioning system? You’re aware of climate change, and it’s made the weather a little bit more extreme—when it’s hot, it’s too hot, and when it’s cold, it’s too cold. This is why the need for an AC system is higher than ever because it can keep families comfortable inside their homes when the weather is just too much to bear.

Choosing the right type of unit for your home is crucial, as it can be an excessive waste if you buy one, just to find out it’s incompatible with your home! To help you with finding the right one, here are different types of air conditioners you can get for your home:

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Also known as a “unitary” air conditioning system, this features a self-contained AC unit that is placed through a hole in an exterior wall. All of its refrigeration components are in one compact box, and it ejects heat out of its outdoor side while its indoor side blows in cooled air.

There are various sizes of this AC unit that will suit your needs. Choosing one with a bigger motor can cool a bigger area efficiently or speed up the cooling of a smaller room—however, costs can pile if you pick one that’s too big for a smaller space!


Consider this a different version of the unitary AC system, but this one is mobile. A portable air conditioning system is also self-contained, but it’s not placed through a hole in the exterior wall. Instead, it sits on the floor, and you can wheel it from one room to another. This type of AC unit expels exhaust heat through a vent via an exterior wall or window vent.

If you’re looking for a quiet AC unit, then you might get disappointed with a portable one because it tends to be noisier than other types of AC systems. Additionally, it is typically best used for room sizes under 500 square feet. Homeowners usually opt for this to cater to certain areas in the home that can’t accommodate a window-type AC unit.

Split or Ductless

This type of AC is becoming more popular for homes. How it works is that it breaks the AC system into two packages—a condensing unit that is placed outside the house, which includes the condenser, compressor, and condenser fan, and the evaporative unit is placed inside the home, which is responsible for air cooling and distribution.


This type of AC system is the largest type of conventional units and is considered the most effective when it comes to cooling an entire household. Similar to a split system, it is also made of two units, with the condensing unit and the evaporative unit connected by refrigerant tubing. The difference is that the evaporative unit is placed in the plenum of your furnace, while the condensing unit is placed outside. The AC blows cool air through the same ductwork and blower fan you use for your heating system.

Let Professionals Handle Your AC

So, do you know which type of AC unit you should get for your home? Whatever’s the best choice, make sure you have the system installed properly by professionals. Installation of AC units, especially split and central types, are complicated and require professionals. Therefore, you need to find an excellent company that can provide you with installation services that can also handle AC’s repair and maintenance needs.

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