4 Ways You Can Save on Energy Bills for Heating During Winter

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You may have set up thermostats in your home to ensure that your house is always at the right temperature. More importantly, you may have implemented such a system to ensure that you are not wasting energy, unnecessarily warming your home too much in the process.

This comes into play throughout the year, but even more so in the winter when ensuring warm interiors without spending too much on energy bills. However, this begs the question of the best temperature for the thermostat during winter to maximize savings.

In short, there is no “right” temperature. It will vary significantly on different factors, such as the current outside temperatures, whether or not you are home, and so on. In most cases, you can get away with about 20 Celsius when you are at home and 17 Celsius when out.

That being said, this does not mean you are stuck with no ability to maximize your cost savings. In fact, there are many ways you can save on energy bills for heating during winter, and in this article, we have listed some of them.

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1. Allow for even air circulation

You must have even air circulation throughout your home. This will ensure that hot air can get to all the corners, keeping a consistent temperature. Your thermostat will also not have to struggle with cold spots in the house that will trick it to boost the temperature or hot spots that will force it to do the opposite.

To ensure good circulation, make sure that all the vents are free from any blockages and make sure that the HVAC system is free from debris.

2. Implement enough insulation

Your home will have built-in insulation into its walls, ceiling, roofs, and even floors. However, sometimes, there is not enough insulation to maintain a consistent temperature. If you discover a lack of insulation or that the current insulation material is old, add and replace it as necessary. This will lock the warm air inside your home and keep the frigid environment outside.

3. Maintain your furnace frequently

A well-maintained furnace will always outperform one that has not been given any tune-ups. Maintenance ensures that the furnace performs at its best, being at its most efficient to keep the home warm while utilizing the least amount of energy.

Also, maintenance ensures no problems will hurt the furnace, meaning that you extend its lifetime and reduce the need for repairs. All of these translate not only to energy savings but overall financial savings.

4. Sustain the correct humidity level

Sustaining the correct humidity level in your home is important for many reasons. Heating-wise, humid air is better at holding heat than dry air.

For other reasons, having the right humidity level ensures that the air you are breathing is safe and free from microorganisms and that your home’s wooden aspect does not distort and damage.

For the right humidity level, try and maintain about 30 to 40 percent humidity. You can do this by installing a humidifier and a dehumidifier as needed and having a humidity detector to notify you of current levels.


By following the tips we have shared, you will maintain a comfortable living environment while still maximizing energy savings. Go ahead and check your insulation, furnace, humidity levels, and more. If you find any problems, take the time to have the issues addressed.

For more complicated activities such as repairing a furnace, do not be afraid to reach out to professionals to have it fixed up. With their help, you will be able to maximize your savings, allowing you to sit back and relax knowing that you are enjoying a cozy, warm, and environmentally sound home.

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